The establishment of Biotechnology and Business Students' Committee (BIBUsc)


The Biotechnology and Business Students' Committee (BIBUsc) was founded and established by a group of passionate BIBU students on the 31st of October, 2019. Their mission is to provide a platform for BIBU students to exchange ideas and connect with society.

The student committee is devoted to connecting BIBU students from each cohort, consolidating the bonding between students and strengthening their sense of belongings. Moreover, activities are held in promoting academic excellence, career fulfillment and personal development among BIBU students. Furthermore, the committee will serve as the bridge between BIBU students and faculty members, emphasizing the importance ​of communication with the program office. Meetings will also be held regularly with programme directors to reflect students' thoughts and opinion about the programme, facilitating the exchange of ideas between the two parties.

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