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  1. What is the difference between the BIBU Program and the existing dual degree program of BSc in Biotechnology and BBA in General Business Management?​

    The 4-year BIBU Program has different objectives from the 5-year dual degree program. The dual degree program equips students with in-depth knowledge in both disciplines, whereas the interdisciplinary BIBU Program aims to equip students with the essential knowledge in biotechnology, complemented with business know-how and skills to effectively understand, manage, and market biotechnology initiatives.
  2. How is the BIBU Program different from studying a Biotechnology degree with a minor in Business?

    Students with a major in biotechnology and a minor in business will receive broad-based science training followed by in-depth theoretical training in biotechnology and bioproduct applications. The minor in business offers students a basic understanding of business but does not provide sufficient training for them to take on biotechnology management or entrepreneurial roles. The BIBU curriculum is designed to include approximately equal credits in biotechnology and business complemented with interdisciplinary courses.
  3. What is the advantage of applying for direct entry to the BIBU Program?

    Students taking BIBU as their first major are exempted from the SSCI/SBM core course requirements. The curriculum is tailor-made to include only selected courses from both Schools, which allows students with dual interests to follow a coordinated and integrated curriculum so that they can adapt to their study earlier to pursue their interest or meet their career goals.
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